Web Hosting

Hosting websites

All our websites are hosted under an Unix / Apache environment well known for its reliability and security.

The server is equiped with an intel Xéon Quad, 8Go of ECC memory, 2x 1To of disk space configured in Raid 1 (mirroring to keep you data safe) withh automatic backup. The internet connexion if realized with 2 lines of 1 Gbit/s which insures a perfect visibilty and time response from any location in the world.

The number of hits is unlimited (each page displayed of your site is counted for 1 hit) as well as the amount of data transferred : it means that you are not limited by the number of people visiting your website.  Many suppliers make you pay extra charges when you exceed a certain amount of data trasnferred : NOT with us. No extra charges will be billed even if  100 000 people come to visit your web pages.

Our software environment comes with PHP and the databases MySQL. But other languages can be implemented if needed such as Python, perl, cgi etc…

As a client you can access your account to manage your web site settings such as adding / modifying / deleting databases, FTP Accounts and E-mail accounts. The interface is friendly user for quick and easy maintenance but if you want we can take this in charge throught a wesmaster contract service.