Domain registration

Domain Name
The first step for a website is to get domain name. ┬áThis is the “www” + a choosen name everyone enters to find your web site. Domains are regulated to insure no duplication, and fees for purchasing a domain are paid to a registrar.

If desired, I can accomodate this step for you. I mainly do this when you also consider to host your website with me, so you have only one person to deal with in all the aspect of your site, which is far more convenient. I also follow up the renewals of your domain name to make sure you do not loose it. It seems obvious but I have experienced clients managing their domain names forgetting to renew them and finally loosing them.

In the same range of ideas I manage to configure the general and DNS settings, host records and contact information which is far from beeing obvious for everybody.

I can register for you all the following country code top-level domain .CO, .COM, .FR, .NET, .ORG, .US.COM, .MOBI, .TV, .INFO, .BIZ, .US, .BE, .ME, .EU, .INFO, .PRO… (Some extensions can require conditions).